Update 1

Discussion about the updates misleading annoncement

So I announced a few things in a previous devblog that simply won,t be in this update :/ sorry. So this update will not include any music or any special sounds. But that does not mean it will not happen later so just stay tuned for that. The reason the features promised in the last devnlog will not be coming in the update are because I thought they would be fairly simple things that I could just roll out but, first I gave myself way too much time and that caused me to go into other things bigger and better things. Also about music the only thing I can every create sounds like a jrpg boss ost which of course would not really fit the game. So yes technically I lied but at least this update is adding alot more meaning full things the the misleading counterpart! enjoy.

Tutorial added and garbage how-to-play removed

I will admit the how to play of the game was just a cheap corner cutting way I could put the game out quicker and in no way is this tutorial a bastion of quality but at least it is not a union of physical objects and ui to try to create a teaching guide on how to play the game. This current tutorial is short and it does not have to be long, the game mechanics are very basic and easy to understand and as I add more things to increase user information it will be even easier. This will probably not be the laster ineration of a tutorial but It will be a good start.

Pre-round Counter

The way the actual game started was very crude just simply putting you into the game with no buffer or really any form of organization. It was sloppy. I fully understand this and this counter is definitly not the final interation but it is something. All it is, is a simple three... two... one... go... count down  with a german tts reading. Quite simple but it will do its job... for now.


To make the game a little more user friendly you may now change the controller scheme of both players from either controller to keyboard or keyboard to controller. this is more for the later online multiplayer update than anything but still has a lot of merit in local play. not that much to be said. I also changed the game page to fit these changes.


these are the changes that really only deserve a list they are not that big.

-changed button style to be more unique.

-options menu adjusted

-changed play to local play for future multiplayer update

-small performance increase.

Future Plans 

As the game gets more base features there are three things I can  and eventually will have to tackle online multiplayer, aesthetics, and more acceptable code. each one has Its benefits and will take time to do but here let me give you the rund down. With online multiplayer this will probably take to second longest on the list just to get something acceptable will probably be a month or so. benefits are you will get to play with anyone without have to actually be next to them second, that is the  path to completing the game meaning once that is done I will be able to work on more game-polishy/completey things. Aesthetics will be a huge pain, just to clarify when I say aesthetics I mean models, textures, sounds, coloring, and music. All the things that would give the game its own identity and feel. This to be honest will probably take 2-3 months to finish by myself because I am a horrible moddeler and as I said before I can not make properly fitting music and my texture will probably look like a five year old drew them with a crayon even though I have the tools to make something good like photoshop. Since I do not really daaabble in this sort of stuff I would need to learn which would take up a good amout of time. benefits the game will look nicer and this will not directly impact any core mechanics meaning nothing can go wrong. the last one I said code acceptability basically I mean make my code a lot more consistent and uniform pretty basic stuff this will probably take 2 weeks at the most but it will be boring to do. benefits if some code savvy people would like I could keep my progress of things that I do and you and I could help each other progress in our seperate projects. benefits could be a learning experience for both you and I, this will drastically decrease the time for more system related things like online multiplayer, and will increase proformance. So after reading this tell me what should I work on next? P.S. I am working on a trailer for the game so make sure to check out my youtube channel when that comes out I will announce it.

Thank you for taking your time and reading this and enjoy! 

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Jun 28, 2017

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