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    A fun party game in development, would you help me make it something you would play with your friends?

    This game started as a joke with my friend while we were talking about games that should never ever... be made, that we should make. Well I decided to say  competitive roll-a-ball tutorial. For those who do not know Unity, a very popular game engine, has a set of tutorials, one of those being the roll-a-ball tutorial the most simple tutorial unity has to offer, the concept is simple you move a ball around and collect points until you win. Well my friend asked how that was even supposed to work, and so I explained to him how it would work and the concept was born. 

    I wanted to keep the concept simple like the roll-a-ball tutorial and also I wanted to keep it very pure like the roll-a-ball tutorial and so from the very beginning I decided that there will be no way to directly affect the other player(except pushing them of course) the only want to win is by picking up power ups.

    the game took 8 days on and off to make and this my project I ever put effort into. However, I am aware that in the state it is now it is bad. I will probably never charged money for the base game no  matter how far it gets in development. this is meant to be a learning experience for me and I hope to get a lot of feedback, I encourage you to call out my game for missing, bad, or broken features by contacting me in any way you see fit and I will hopefully fix it in the next build(which should come out on a schedule I am thinking every two weeks ). I will try to keep you informed on all new progressions or ideas.

Here are a few notes when playing that I should probably convey more clearly in the base game:the drop-down under the game section of the options menu is used to manage which way to control the player 1 or the purple sphere(either by keyboard "wasd" or controller) also the top left player, player 2 or the red sphere(either by keyboard "ijkl" or controller) .

Thank you for taking time to read this and enjoy the game.


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